Iona Scott AKA Planktonworld

For the past 20 years my aim has been to create and exhibit a seamless immersive journey from our world into the submarine microscopic world of plankton in order for us to experience this otherwise invisible realm and to raise awareness of the important role they play in our survival.

To this end I have developed the skills, partnerships and access to exhibition spaces while constantly evolving my work through the process.

After completing a BA in Fine Art (Sculpture), and an MA in Computer Animation and Special Effects, I worked as a 3D Artist in a Computer Games Company in London.

In 2003 I consolidated my knowledge into a demo animation called 'Planktonworld', I approached The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew in London with the idea to make a stereoscopic 3D animation with a company called Inition and was commissioned by them in 2004.

 The resulting stereoscopic 3D animation 'Swimming with phytoplankton in 3D' was on display in The Marine Display under The Palm House at Kew for 13 years.

Pete Morris from The Marine Display at Kew said 'Well it was fantastic as the marine micro plants are so vital and your display was a wonderful way to show them'. 

Since my BA Final Project in 1991, I have developed my one million times magnified 6ft 'discosphaera' sculpture into a recycled plastic 3D printed light sculpture. The paper version was shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year in 2016.

My work has grown to incorporate Installation, Visual Art and Stereoscopic 3D Animation.

The educational and dissemination aspect is a crucial part of my work.

I co-founded an ecologically-themed TIE Company called Purple Broccoli in 2002 with whom I led Art and Drama workshops and performed in plays in Primary schools in London. 

I have been commissioned by The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, Micropia at The Artis Royal Amsterdam Zoo, The London Aquarium and Greenpeace. 

I have exhibited my work at The Plankton Symposium at SAHFOS, National Aquarium Workshop, Brighton Science Festival, Brighton Digital Festival, Phoenix Brighton, ONCA Gallery, Whalefest, Brighton Dome, The De La Warr Pavilion, The Roundhouse, The Ministry of Sound, The Brain Club, The Great American Music Hall and Gaia Mantra record shop in San Francisco, The Electronic Imaging Symposium in San Diego and at festivals including Small World, Bimble, Glastonbury and Burning Man.